Freedom First Agenda


I’ve spent my career in education, from beginnings as an outdoor educator to my last 20+ years as a public school teacher. Government is for funding classrooms, not meddling in them. Relentless focus and battles over the minutiae of education material is harmful to teachers and students, and waste of taxpayer funds and educator, legislator, and administrative time.



Through the campaign, I’ll be teaching Monday through Friday, 8 am to 4 PM. I can’t afford to give up my job for politics, and I know the stresses of making sure a household budget gets food on the table, cars repaired, and children to college. While the economy is improving, it’s not working for many people. The cost of living has to come down, and companies that take advantage of Utahns must be held accountable. While rising interest rates are keeping inflation down recently, they have extraneous consequences, from sky-high mortgages to car loans. Let’s strive for a balance


Fiscal responsibility:


Every Utahn deserves the chance to work hard and achieve the dream of homeownership. The housing market in our state has been distorted by a variety of factors, and that hurts working Utahns and families. Additionally, landlords are protected by the law, giving them wide ranging ability to levy inappropriate fees and unfair practices. Federal advances in pro-tenant legislation will positively impact renters in states like Utah that lag behind in protections.



A member of AFT and the AFL-CIO, I’m a strong labor Democrat. I’ve supported labor-friendly legislation in the State Senate with every chance, and will vote with organized labor at the federal level, including supporting the PRO Act.



From a family of veterans and first responders, I know what those who have served deserve. The Utah delegation’s opposition to the PACT Act, vital legislation for veterans impacted by their service, and past votes against the first responders bill were grave betrayals, and compelled me to run for Congress.



I’m a staunch advocate for affordable healthcare, and is committed to expanding access and affordable care for Utahns as a Congresswoman. Rural America, including Utah, is losing high quality healthcare as providers retreat to populated areas. I support expanding Medicare and Medicaid and fighting to keep the cost of prescription drugs down through caps. Congressional Republicans are attempting to roll back the prescription caps for those on Medicare instituted by the Inflation Reduction Act - these are crucial programs for seniors and Americans with chronic health conditions that need expansion, not elimination.



Utah’s seniors have worked their whole lives to ensure financial and healthcare stability in their latter years. I will defend Social Security and Medicare, making sure that Utah’s senior citizens are guaranteed what they are owed and deserve.



Utah’s always had a close relationship with democratic principles and freedoms at the ballot box. While Republicans try to tear down our systems, it’s imperative to maintain the democratic mechanisms that the founders designed.


Artificial intelligence

There are no positive outcomes for American workers with the rise in artificial intelligence in creative fields. We’ve suffered a loss of American manufacturing through previous waves of automation–let’s not make the same mistake twice. I will support intense regulation and thorough review of AI technology and use across industries in Congress. Freedom to keep our jobs.