Release: Freedom First Agenda

UT-02 Congressional Candidate Kathleen Riebe, Releases First Video Advertisement, Announcing “Freedom First” Agenda

[SALT LAKE CITY, UT] – Today, Democratic Nominee for Utah’s 2nd Congressional District, Kathleen Riebe, announced her campaign platform in her first video advertisement: Freedom First. In the video, Riebe lays out her “Freedom First” agenda focused on pushing back against government overreach and defending freedom for Utahns across the political spectrum. From the Utah State Capitol to Washington D.C., Riebe’s message is a sharp rebuke to government overreach and dysfunction seen in recent years.

“For me, public service is the family business. My father was a police officer and I watched him put his life on the line every day defending our community’s freedoms. He taught me to always put freedom first. Unfortunately, we’ve had to watch our government consistently disrespect those it’s built to serve by violating their freedom. To me, that’s simply unacceptable,” said Riebe.

The Freedom First Agenda focuses on freedoms of access and affordability for Utahns. It dials in on kitchen table issues such as the economy, cost of living, housing, healthcare, and public safety. Centering her campaign on issues that impact everyday Utahns, Riebe continues to prove that she is the only candidate in the race who is connected to the needs of the district and its residents.

“Throughout my career in the classroom and in the Capitol, I’ve had the firsthand opportunity to watch extremists on both sides put inflammatory, sound-bite issues ahead of the things Utahns actually care about like healthcare, education, the economy, public lands, and infrastructure. I say, ‘no more’. It’s time we send someone to Washington who will fight for a Freedom First agenda and bring dignity and respect back to Utah’s politics and Congressional delegation.”

Since day one, Riebe’s campaign has been focused on the residents of the 2nd Congressional District. “I am the only candidate in the race running to help restore the freedom of folks in Utah’s second,” said Riebe. “Unfortunately, all of my opponents are either self-funded or swamp-funded, running in a clear attempt to implement either their agenda or worse, the agendas of special interest groups. That’s not the Utah Way.”

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Senator Kathleen Riebe has represented Utah State Senate District 15 since 2018 when she unseated a long-time Republican senator. She previously served on the Utah State Board of Education. Kathleen has been an elementary school teacher for over 20 years. The Republican Primary election will be held on September 5, 2023. The General Election will be held on November 21, 2023.

Posted on August 29, 2023.