Kathleen Riebe Welcomes GOP Candidate Celeste Maloy to the General Election and back to Utah

[SALT LAKE CITY, UT] – Today, Democratic nominee Kathleen Riebe welcomed challenger Celeste Maloy to the general election campaign for the UT-02 special election. Regardless of her opponent, Riebe has maintained her focus on a Freedom First Agenda and her intent to hold extremism accountable.

“I welcome Maloy officially to the race and look forward to her getting to know the district again after years away. With a historically tight convention and primary, the division of the GOP is clear and the extremist right wing has prevailed.”

“Celeste Maloy is out of step with Utah voters. That makes sense: she’s been gone from our state for a long time. After years in the DC swamp, she's bringing the misguided thinking and lobbyist dollars she was introduced to back to Utah. Maloy’s divisive positions are copied straight from the right-wing Washington playbook, which she learned well after years as a student of former Representative and MAGA extremist Chris Stewart.”

Riebe also highlighted Maloy’s support for extreme and unpopular policies:. “My opponent has said she would support a nationwide, complete, no-exceptions ban on abortion and cuts to Social Security. I’m focused on guiding our state and country towards a bright future and one that addresses real issues Utahns are facing. Whether it’s a reduced cost of living, affordable healthcare, or support for the public employees and union members that are the bedrock of our communities, let’s focus on the real issues.”

“The voters of Utah’s Second District are not interested in partisan division and extremism. We have to put freedom first: freedom from government overreach, and the high costs that partisan political battles place on Utahns and our tax dollars. I will represent all my constituents, regardless of party, and focus on results, not playing politics.”


Senator Kathleen Riebe has represented Utah State Senate District 15 since 2018 when she unseated a long-time Republican senator. She previously served on the Utah State Board of Education. Kathleen has been an elementary school teacher for over 20 years. The Republican Primary election will be held on September 5, 2023. The General Election will be held on November 21, 2023.

Posted on September 7, 2023.