Kathleen Riebe Applauds PACT Act Benefits

Salt Lake City, UT — Today, President Biden addressed a bipartisan group of Utah political leaders and veterans at the VA Hospital in Salt Lake City. State Sen. and UT-02 candidate Kathleen Riebe was in attendance, and said after the event:

“I applaud the positive advance that the PACT Act represents in fulfilling our commitment to our veterans and service members. Members of both parties should always prioritize guaranteeing excellent healthcare and benefits for all veterans and their families, especially those impacted by the devastating effects of toxic chemicals endured in the line of duty. I have a deep personal connection to this issue through members of my family. My cousin Dan McCarthy’s family did not receive the full support they deserved after his death related to Agent Orange exposure in Vietnam. Though Dan and many thousands of others aren’t here to access the PACT Act, this legislation has been one of the largest steps in the right direction of my lifetime. Though PACT received bipartisan support, it was a deeply disappointing moment for Utah’s House delegation, as former Rep. Chris Stewart and his colleagues voted against the legislation and the interests of Utah veterans. Care for those who sacrifice the most shouldn’t be a partisan issue. I’m running for Congress to eliminate political games from representation of the Second District, and to take every chance to affirm the commitment our nation has to its veterans and service members.”

Riebe comes from a family of first responders and veterans, and is a strong supporter of all public servants, from our military to teachers and postal workers.

Riebe has taught in Utah public schools for over twenty years, continued her public service on the State School Board and in the State Senate, and fights for Utah students and working families from the classroom to the Capitol.

Posted on August 10, 2023.